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We do not share your first and last name, email address, password, or any other contact information with any other party. This information is never included in messages between community members unless you yourself explicitly put your name and contact information into the body of the message.

Your username will appear on forum posts and messages between community members.

Only the recipient of a message, the community administrator, and the site administrator can read your reply to a need or gift posting. Other members will not be able to read your responses to needs and gifts. Use the forums if you wish to provide some public commentary on a need or gift posting.

The site administrator(s) has access to all postings and messages for all communities. The community administrator(s) have access to all postings and messages only to the communities that they administrate. Access to postings and messages by the administrators ensures the appropriateness of the content of those posts and messages. This site is not intended to be used as a dating service and any attempt to do so will result in the immediate suspension and/or deletion of your account. Community members are encouraged to report site abuses immediately to either their community administrator or this site administrator.

Access to private communities is by invitation on the part of the community administrator. Private communities are never displayed in the "feature community" section. If you designate your community as public, it may occasionally appear on the "feature community" page. Also, registered and non-registered users alike will be able to view public community bio and its needs and gifts boards. Posting to a needs or gifts board and posting to a forum is only allowed for registered users that also belong to a community. Registered users can only make posts on the boards/forums of their community(s). Forums are not accessible to non-registered users or users that do not belong to any communities.

Passwords are encrypted using a one-way encryption algorithm - they cannot be decrypted, even by the administrators. If you forget your password, you must use the site's "forgot my password" link on the Sign In page. Never give someone your password -- giving someone your password will compromise the security of your account on this site.

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