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The inspiration for this website came from a project done by my neighbors and Think OutWord, who created a Needs and Gifts board for people in the community to post written notecards for gifts they were offering to community and/or needs that they have. It became immediately clear to me that the Internet would be an ideal space to implement this important concept, making it accessible to communities world-wide and also to broaden the definition of "community" to include people that are not just physically in proximity to each other but also associated "in community" globally.

The result is this website which has been developed and is maintained as a gift to any community that uses it. Presently, the website is run on the free services provided by Heroku, however, as the number of people participating increases (and I hope that it will increase!), I will eventually need to begin paying for the higher bandwidth that more usage will demand.

If you are interested in supporting both the ongoing efforts and/or contributing to the future expansion of this website and the concept, please consider clicking on the Donate button below, which will take you to the PayPal site for making a donation.

Thank you,

Marc Clifton

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